Friday, April 28, 2017

Tyne and Wear Mayday Rally (Sat 29th April)

Saturday, April 29, 


Princess Square

Newcastle upon Tyne,
Members from North East Branch will be present selling the Socialist Standard and available to answer your questions about the Socialist Party

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ajohnstone said...

Two Party members attended the rally (Cdes Kilgallon and Weir) the usual array of leftists and single issue campaigners were present. Socialist Standards were swapped and given away to various stall holders and debate was had with a few. Later another Standard was sold and along with two pamphlets.

Members of SPEW (formerly Militant now outside the Labour Party) and Socialist Appeal (formerly Militant now inside the Labour Party ) were there but were very obviously not on speaking terms. It was a bit like being at a party where the two sides of a particularly acrimonious divorce were present and everyone else found it a "bit awkward". From the atmosphere, I would say that Spew obviously got the house and custody of the kids.

Following discussion afterward, the two members felt that hiring a stall for the rally next year would be a good move and that further activity in the North East should be encouraged. Watch this space.