Friday, April 21, 2017

Folkestone Election Street Stall

  • Folkestone Town Hall

    1-2 Guildhall Street, 
    Folkestone CT20 1DY 

  • Organised by Kent and Sussex Branch

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ajohnstone said...

Held our first Folkestone election street stall yesterday. Despite the town
being very quiet (cold and wind keeping people away?) we had several useful
conversations, gave out loads of leaflets and sold four Standards.

We received a friendly visit from the Labour Party, requesting we stand down
our candidates in favour of those (Labour) who had signed the Momentum
'pledge'. After an amicable meeting in which one of our candidates
explained why we would not be standing down in favour of any other
candidates, the Labour guy left on good terms even offered to exchange
details of hustings events with us.

Distribution of the main election leaflet started in both Folkestone (Kent)
and Lewes (Sussex) on Thursday. Much of the 5,500 for Lewes are probably
done by now. Folkestone will take the rest of next week to do 15,000.

We also have a poster, which we used on the stall display yesterday and will
try to get some up in windows. I would post a it here if I knew how to do so.