Monday, April 24, 2017

“MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!” (weekly poem)

(Capt. Corbyn, RMS Traumatic, Thursday 8/6/17)

“May Day” in June will be here soon,
And all electors should;
Reject the Tories hackneyed tune,
“It’s for the nation’s good”.

The Brexit vote that came to pass,
Is viewed as non-germane;
And so we’ve got the bleedin’ farce,
To go through all again!

Will Labour’s huge Momentum growth,
Assist the working-class?
Or thanks to Jezza will they both,
Fall flat upon their arse? (1)

Will Scottish Nit-Wits on the day,
Sing with a Gaelic lilt;
Their demi-anthem ‘Scots Wha Hae’,
Whilst stood up in each kilt?

We can expect Welsh Nationalists,
To vote for their ‘Home Rule’;
Which all us Internationalists,
Will simply ridicule.

Can we expect the Unionists,
To draw back from the brink;
And then at Stormont all get pissed,
With a McGuinness drink?

Will the cool ‘Farron-ites’ heed calls,
From Tiny Tim’s Lib-Dims?
Those ‘Undenominationals’,
Who mime to wordless hymns.

We Socialists of Marxist fame,
Who know a thing or two;
Know those who dice in this crap game,
Just haven’t got a clue!

(1) Labour MP’s in marginal seats have criticised Corbyn’s
political nous as he could have blocked the 2/3rds General
Election vote in Parliament. Labour may now lose 50 to 60
seats -- which could see Jezza return to the backbenches.

© Richard Layton

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