Friday, April 21, 2017

Guildford Election Street Stall

  • Saturday, April 22, 

    12:00 PM to 
  • Tunsgate Arch

    High Street, 
    GU1 3AA 
  • Organised by West London Branch as part of the SPGB's campaign in the forthcoming County Council elections when it will be standing a candidate in the Guildford West ward

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ajohnstone said...

We were in the Guildford High Street opposite Tunsgate Arch again today. A
"town ranger" asked if we had permission from the council to hold a stall. We
said we didn't need one and anyway this was election activity. She took a
photo of a proof of who we were (a Party membership card) and said she would
check with her boss.Nothing happened so presumably her boss understood the

We were accosted again by god-botherers who told us that only Jesus
could bring about what we wanted. We replied that he couldn't even if he
existed (which he doesn't) as only humans can improve the only life they
have, this one on Earth.

A busker having a rest read our leaflet and told us
he agreed with it, saying he knew about getting rid of money from Zeitgeist.

Somebody bought a Socialist Standard.

We will be back again on Mayday, Monday 1 May.