Saturday, March 04, 2017

Argentine's Football Strikers

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has postponed two top division matches that were due to take place on Friday following the collapse of negotiations to call off a players' strike. The strike involves players of more than 200 Argentine clubs. The footballers' union says the strike will go on until the players received what they are owed.

The crisis began after senior officials at the Football Association (AFA) were implicated in a corruption scandal involving television broadcasting rights. Many clubs are facing a major financial crisis and have not paid salaries for several months. The season should have resumed a month ago after the summer recess. But the crisis led the AFA to delay the start.
To try to avoid the strike, the government made a $22m (£18m) paymentto the Argentine Football Association. The money was owed as compensation for the cancellation of a contract with the government, which held the broadcasting rights until this year. But the players' union says the money is not enough. They said most club presidents had spent and borrowed more money than they should have.

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