Sunday, March 12, 2017

Poverty Crime and Culpability

There is plenty of food in the world for everyone.

750 million fellow human beings suffering hunger throughout the year and watching millions of their children die of starvation. 854 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat, more than the combined populations of the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Hunger is the world’s no.1 health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. One in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry. Undernutrition is a contributory factor in the death of 3.1 million children under five every year.. Figures on actual starvation are difficult to come by, but according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the less severe condition of undernourishment currently affects about 842 million people, or about one in eight (12.5%) people in the world population.

 The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty. They lack the money to buy enough food to nourish themselves. Being constantly malnourished, they become weaker and often sick. This makes them increasingly less able to work, which then makes them even poorer and hungrier. This downward spiral often continues until death for them and their families. Those who have entrapped them in severe poverty have committed genocide, a punishable crime. There are those who starve people for profit. Starving people is profitable. If crime pays it will continue.  In India where half of the world total of hungry children deaths occur, the government spends billions upon billions of dollars on weapons of mass destruction for its military and gives multinationals license and official help to destroy human habitat in excavating minerals.

There is a media blackout of news of children dying by the millions.  

About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. Approximately every five seconds, a child dies of hunger, around 6 every minute, 360 every hour, 8,640 every day, 3,153 600 this year. Multiplied by 60 the number of years since end of the Second World War the total is 189,216,000 children dead for lack of food, but since in past years the child death rate from hunger was higher, the actual number of children dead of hunger since WWII could easily be double that number and be more than twice or three times the total of deaths during WWII. We know it is a crime, but our corporate media diverts our attention.

"Anyone knowing that an offense (crime) has been committed and does not report the crime with intent to help a felon(s) avoid arrest and punishment can be charged as an accessory after the fact.” 

Are you guilty?

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