Tuesday, March 07, 2017

“THE WHITE MANS BURDEN” (weekly poem)


“The White Man’s Burden” (Kipling’s words!)
Has ever such a pious phrase;
Disguised the grim reality,
Of Britain’s old colonial days?
The Empire was no charity,
It acted like a robber band,
By subjugating native folk,
And ‘liberating’ all their land.

We robbed all of the colonies, 
In mammonish profanity;
And in return we gave them back,
The Pox and Christianity!
And likewise in those Empire days,
When Britain’s rule was absolute;
Most of the workers back at home,
Were also nigh-on destitute.

That wealth is claimed to trickle down,
Is simply trite mythology;
And one of the Establishment’s,
Examples of kidology!
Our national hero, Cecil Rhodes,
Was the Capone of Africa;
Who could have taught a thing or two,
To the Chicago Mafia.

At least the boys said of Big Al,
That he was loyal to his mob;
But Cecil was the kind of gent,
Who’d sell his mother for a bob! (1)
“The White Man’s Burden”, is no doubt,
An oxymoron of some sort;
An idiotic idiom,
And an ox-brained moronic thought.

(1) Bob (slang) = one Shilling = 12 pre-decimal pence now worth 5p.

© Richard Layton

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