Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Poor British Isles

According to the Trussel Trust, their foodbanks fed 128,697 people nationwide in the 2011-12 financial  year, "100 per cent more than the previous year. Numbers fed by our foodbanks have risen by 397 per cent since 2008."They added,  "New foodbanks are opening at the rate of three a week and the number of people fed by foodbanks has doubled to almost 130,000 in the last year alone"

Research published by the Resolution Foundation which in 2011 carried out an analysis on wages based on data from the Office for Budget Responsibility and the Office for National Statistics. "After controlling for inflation (in constant 2010 prices), median wages of full-time employees were £25,570 in 2003 and will be £25,559 in 2015."

In the Irish Republic two-thirds of households have an income below the national average, according to new research from the Nevin Economic Research Institute. A third of households have a disposable income of less than €500 a month. Only 2pc of households earns more than €200,000 a year.

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