Monday, January 07, 2013

A New Year ? A New Calendar for Socialism ?

It is a New Year.  It is 2013 as of the 1st January  according to the Gregorian Calendar which is also known as the Western Calendar or the Christian Calendar and was initiated by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.  It was adopted in Britain in 1752 and officially New Year began then on 1st  January.  Before 1752, the 1st  January as new year was a common custom but  from the 12th century the 'legal' year began on 25th March, the Feast of the Annunciation or Lady Day. This still applies today with the Tax Year still running from April to March.  Russia did not adopt the 'Western' or Gregorian Calendar until 1918  after the Bolshevik Revolution which has lead to the anomaly regarding the 'October Revolution'  of 1917 taking place on  25th October in the Julian Calendar but in the West in the Gregorian Calendar it was 7th November. What of the Julian Calendar? This was used for centuries, in fact from 45 BC to 1582 when said Pope Gregory instituted new calendar.  In Anglo-Saxon England (pre 1066 Norman Conquest), the year commonly began around the Winter Solstice of  21st  December, which had marked the start of the year in pagan times before Christianity arrived on Britain's shore.  Before the Julian Calendar in Ancient Rome there was a Roman Lunar Calendar.
Then there are the calendars and years of Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and it goes on.

So with the revolutionary transformation of world capitalist society to global socialism a new calendar is definitely needed. We can abandon the religious affiliations attached to days of the week, the months and the calendar 'constructs' associated with Popes or Roman Emperors.

What about the revolutionary French Republican Calendar in use 1792 to 1804, and in the brief time of the Paris Commune of 1871?  The 'calendrier révolutionnaire'  is a beautiful and poetic 'construct', abandoning any Christian connotations.
Today  7th January 2013 is 18 Nivose in Year 221.


 Vendemaire (grape harvest) – September-October
Brumaire (fog) – October-November
Frimaire (frost) - November-December

Nivose (snowy) – December-January
Pluviose (rainy) – January-February
Ventose (windy) - February-March

    Germinal (spring) – March-April
    Floreal (flower) – April-May
    Prairial (pasture) – May-June

Messidor (harvest) – June-July
Thermidor (heat) – July-August
Fructidor (fruit) - August-September

The capitalist class should be afraid of anything associated with 22 Prairial Year II  where every citizen is empowered to seize counter revolutionaries and to bring them before the revolutionary tribunals.

Steve Clayton

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