Friday, November 18, 2011


These statistics published in the capitalist press for USA are interesting and well presented,but socialists have always insisted, that in capitalism maximum wealth flows upwards to a tiny percentage of the population worldwide.We also argue that in capitalist society there are two basic classes rather than three, one a middle or 'squeezed- middle', as current weasel wording has it in UK: those who own and control the means of production and those who own no productive resources apart from their ability to work. See Class War,What is socialism?, What is capitalism? or our FAQ's above,for more details.
Unlike many in the 'Occupy' movement socialists don't advocate reforming capitalism and insist it must be replaced by a new society.See Revolution or Reform? for more details on our position.


MoneyMustGo said...

Is it really 99 per cent? I'd assumed it was about 87 per cent. To be honest, I can't watch this video because it's so slow and tedious. Actually (30 seconds later) - now that I've put the sound on, it's more interesting apart from the American accent. Mea culpa, but I can't help but switch my brain off whenever the revolutionary voice speaks with an American accent.

Gus said...

Does it really matter what the percentages are when some own but do not produce and some produce but do not own? The figures could be reversed; the system would still need to be abolished.