Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back to the soup kitchens

At least 100,000 British people are dependent upon food handouts, as they cannot afford to eat being hit hard by poverty and rising food prices. A new food bank opens in Britain every week in order to deal with the increasing number of poverty-stricken people who have to rely on food parcels.

"...now we are seeing poverty affecting people who never dreamed it would hit them, including young people and middle England,” said Mark Ward, Salisbury food bank manager at The Trussell Trust.

People are threatened with disease related to poverty and malnutrition as the number of people who cannot afford to pay for food is on the rise.

“Children are being denied fresh foods because families cannot afford to buy them. By early adolescence they will be affected by premature diabetes and signs of underlying heart disease,” said Professor Philip James, former government advisor on nutrition.


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