Monday, March 30, 2009

Hope I Die Before I Get.....

Die young and leave a beautiful corpse: talking 'bout my generation. Classic 1960s/70s stuff, eh?

My home town has seen a right scandal. Elderly people in nursing homes have been woken up in the night, elderly people with dementia, because it saved money to have the night nurses bathe them, dress them and send them, clothed, to bed. The morning shift nurses are supposed to help the demented with those menial, hygenic practices.

Nurses resigned, local TV highlighted this, members of the Danish parliament and the Danish public were outraged, and such practice is also illegal.

Fine and dandy - how on earth did elderly people get treated like shit in the first place? Oh yes...cut overheads.

How typical of capitalism!

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ajohnstone said...

"Older people are often denied access to the full range of mental health services..."

"Elderly and disabled people in England are increasingly being denied social services, a report says...'In a very tight financial settlement, we have to use resources as effectively as possible and if you want more services, we need more resources'
John Ransford, Local Government Association"