Saturday, March 14, 2009

The departed

On this day in 1883 , at the age of 65 , Karl Marx died .

A guide to his ideas can be read here


pete21 said...

looking at this article I see a the following -
"where leftists claim that Marx distinguished Socialism from Communism and advocated the dictatorship of the proletariat. On this subject, see ‘Themes from Marx’, Socialist Standard June 1982"

could you put up this link?

ajohnstone said...

Fraid that article has not yet been digitalised to be available on the net .
But if i read you correctly , it is the question of socialism and communism being different stages as claimed by the Leninist /Trotskyist Left that you are querying .
Perhaps this article may be of some use - Myth of the Transitional State

Or rather than blow our own trumpet all the time, this article by Paul Robeson Jnr may be of interest - even if it doesn't 100% agree with the SPGB analysis

I hope those links suffice

pete21 said...

cheers for that