Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The health gap

The life expectancy of those living in Fairfax County, Va., one of the state’s richest areas, are ages 82 and 85 for men and women respectively, while those for McDowell County, one of West Virginia’s poorest, are around 64 and 73 years. That’s the difference between Sweden and Iraq.

The reasons for this disparity is rooted in the lack of access to quality healthcare, with nearly one-quarter of those poorest not having a regular location to seek medical care in 2011, and a similar percentage who had not seen a dentist in five years.

There’s little reason to believe that this trend would change with the advent of anti-aging drugs and therapies. The wealth gap between the poor and the rich, already widening as we speak, could become an age gap, too.

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Trevor Goodger-Hill said...

An explanation for "The Health Gap" between nation states.

Iraq is one of the countries most heavily blessed with years of inundation of depleted uranium - a substance all NATO countries use. Apart from two "official" wars, there is a constant rain of this substance in the present conflict in Iraq.

Some years back I read a report about the ONLY doctor in Iraq investigating the ongoing genetic tragedy still being played out. She said there were no statistics of any significance being collected -- and the information was illustrated by the effects of babies being born with arms growing out of their heads, the organs of the abdomen and entrails on the outside of the body, disfigured faces, etc. You name it.

The good doctor also reported that the defective children, if they survived, were most often quietly killed by their parents, and hidden.

Perhaps there are sites documenting the effects of depleted uranium out there. Its use would include many countries in Africa, also including Syria, Libya, Yemen, eastern Europe (such as in Kosovo). Largely this is a subject concealed by wilful ignorance.