Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Class and Colour and Gender

 Operation Black Vote, the Guardian and Green Park recruitment have worked on the groundbreaking research project, The Colour of Power.

 It looked at more than a thousand top jobs. Black and ethnic minorities held just 3% of them. 

The figures aren’t great for women either. Their representation came in at a paltry 23%. 

Given that BME population is close to 14%, and women are around 50%, the data tells us at the top level the white male stranglehold is vice-like. 

Top jobs such as high court judges and senior police officers, and in the top consultancy, accountancy and advertising agencies, are held as if by right by this perennially dominant group.

 50% of the 2014 intake for Oxford and Cambridge University was taken from five private schools.

Tests show that when minority children have their work marked blind – with no name or identifying material attached – lo and behold, their marks dramatically increase.


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