Monday, September 08, 2014

Immigrants? It's What We All Are

It's said we have a problem with immigrants:

Fortress Europe.
Should the border between France and UK be in Calais or Dover?
US - Mexico border fence.
Immigrant Detention Centres.
Labour Rights and Permits.
Government Departments of Immigration.
Immigration Police.
Israel's ring-fence of Palestinians.
Airport Immigration Control.
Long queues for visa applications, verification and border scrutiny.
I can enter your country but you can't come to mine.
With money or status rules can be bent.

Below is Eduardo Galeano's take on immigration:


  Adam and Eve were black?
  The human adventure in the world began in Africa. From there, our ancestors set out to conquer the planet. Many paths led them to many destinies, and the sun took care of handing out colors from the palette.
  Now the rainbow of the earth is more colorful than the rainbow of the sky. But we are all emigrants from Africa. Even the whitest of whites comes from Africa.
  Maybe we refuse to acknowledge our common origins because racism causes amnesia, or because we find it unbelievable that in those days long past the entire world was our kingdom, an immense map without borders, and our legs were the only passport required.

(from MIRRORS)

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