Saturday, May 06, 2023

When will you save yourselves?

 The scenes shown on May 6th of people displaying fawning obsequiousness to an elite with a long vested interest in perpetuating the myth that governance is beneficial to the majority. Many disavowed their support but whether for the institution of monarchy or merely for the person now occupying the role of head of it is difficult to say.

It is painful for socialists to contemplate this toadying. Socialists not only want a class-free, money-free society, but a leader-free, state-free one too.

Karl Marx pointed out that, “One man is king only because other men stand in the relation of subjects to him. They, on the contrary, imagine that they are subjects because he is king.”

DHLawrence wrote a poem highlighting the absurdity of putting one’s faith in any kind of leader. Because they will use you for their own ends or that of the ideology they represent.

D H Lawrence was religious hence the deity references in this poem. It doesn’t detract, in this case, from the central message- there are no savoirs and it is foolish to put your faith in anyone who claims to be one.

Consider instead, Karl Marx’s excellent advice: workers of the world unite! We have a world to win!
And learn to save yourselves.

When wilt thou teach the people?-

When wilt thou teach the people,
  God of justice, to save themselves – ?
They have been saved so often
and sold.

O God of justice, send no more saviours
of the people!

When a saviour has saved a people
they find he has sold them to his father.
They say : We are saved, but we are starving.
He says : The sooner will you eat imaginary cake in the mansions of my father.
They says : Can’t we have a loaf of common bread ?
He says : No, you must go to heaven, and eat the most marvellous cake.-

Or Napoleon says: Since I have saved you from the
  you are my property, be prepared to die for me, and to
to work for me. –

Or later republicans say: You are saved,
therefore you are our savings, our capital
 with which we shall do big business. –

Or Lenin says : You are saved, but you are saved wholesale.
You are no longer men, that is bourgeois ;
you are items in the soviet state,
and each item will get its ration,
but it is the soviet state alone which counts
the items are of small importance,
the state having saved them all.-

And so it goes on, with the saving of the people.
God of justice, when wilt thou teach them to save

D H Lawrence

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