Monday, May 01, 2023

Are you sure you really need food? /s

 Circana proclaims itself, ‘The world’s leading advisor on the complexities of consumer behaviour... Real-time visibility into consumers and markets in 23 countries, representing 75% of the world's GDP · Measurement of $4T+ in global consumer spend.’

Would there be any necessity for companies like this in a socialist society? Answers on a postcard…

A Circana report quoted in European Supermarket Magazine (26/4/23), says that sales across the largest markets in Europe of groceries has fallen.

Reason? High inflation. Quelle surprise!

Circana posits a, ‘more price-aware, savvy and forward-looking consumer who is seeking to adapt what they buy and how they consume.’ 

‘86% of European shoppers have reported changes to their ability to buy and willingness to pay being stretched,’ it says.

Consumers are having to ‘make tough decisions.’ Fripperies are out, essential items are the new reality. For very many of the global working class,

that ain’t nothing new.

A Circana SVP said, ‘We’re forecasting unit demand to decline sharply in food staples, where price inflation continues to be the most intense.’

Really? Ya think?

Whilst volume has decreased, value sales rose considerably ‘as a direct result of record inflation.’

The really ‘savvy and forward looking consumer’ (member of the exploited class) would be someone who realises that the replacement of capitalism with a money-free, class-free society where goods are produced for use, not profit,  is long overdue.




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