Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Banksters Once Again

 Never ever any jail time. 

Denmark's largest bank Danske bank pleaded guilty to bank fraud and agreed to forfeit $2 billion (€1.88 billion) after it admitted defrauding American banks between 2008 and 2016 by allowing, through its Estonia branch, access to US banks for high-risk customers who were neither Estonian nor residents of Estonia, including some in Russia.

Suspicious transactions worth some €200 billion ($212 billion) were made during that period from the accounts of 15,000 non-resident clients, according to a 2018 internal report. The bank said it was unable to determine where the money came from, noting that some 23% of incoming funds were received from Russia. Prosecutors accused the bank's Estonia branch of luring clients by promises of large transfers with little oversight. The Justice Department added that the bank's employees also concealed the nature of the illicit transactions by utilizing shell companies to hide the funds' ownership.

US: Danish Danske bank pleads guilty in fraud case – DW – 12/13/2022

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