Thursday, December 15, 2022

Punjab's Land for the Landless Movement

 Scheduled Caste or Dalit people are almost 37% of Punjab’s population but have only 3.6% of the arable land! Again, 61% of village households have less than 15% of the arable land — their land size is less than 1 hectare – they are called “Marginal Farmers” by economists and govt. 

Some of such household have such scarce land and such minimal resources they lease out their land to richer farmers — among which started first in Punjab — it is called “Reverse Tenancy” by economists. Some of such poor ‘owners’ become agricultural labourers or other rural labourers who depend more on wages than on the money they can get from ‘ownership’.

Report Of Struggle Of  Punjab’s Fight-for-Land Movement By  ZPSC And Agricultural Labourers | Countercurrents

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