Friday, December 16, 2022

Inspired by Ian Drury with a nod to Joe Hill (poem)

 There aint half been some lairy leaders

Shady scoundrels, stupid scumbags

There aint half been some lousy leaders

Rotten rascals, vicious villains


Are you a blockhead?


Then why let yourself be led by the nose

and suppose that those who smirk and lie

and narcissism personify

know what's best for thee and me?

A leader’s decree might suit

the cowardly petty bourgeoisie

but dialectic materialism

should teach us that

we do not bend the knee

for any Tom, Dick or Henri

calling themselves leaders

but who are really silly bleeders.

So keep your chauvinism, dogmatism,

Your elitism, extremism,

Take your fascism and totalitarianism,

And  put it you know where

For we’re for Socialism!


When O When their Waterloo?

Ye are many -they are few!”






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