Monday, August 02, 2021

The Fixer

  Conservative party chair Ben Elliot runs a secretive club of big Tory donors who are given direct access to the prime minister and chancellor. Elliot’s private business venture, the concierge service Quintessentially, costing an annual £15,000 fee, specialises in supplying the super-rich with the sort of things people start asking for when they already have everything they could possibly need.  It offers introductions to the heart of the British establishment from royalty such as Prince Charles to Downing Street. You get access, you get invitations; you get privileged relationships if you are part of the setup, and where you are financially making a contribution to be part of that setup.

Elliot’s private personal company, his political work and his charitable fundraising are, he claims are all separate entities.

Money talks and money gets heard.

The ‘cash for access’ revelations mean a veil of secrecy around Prince Charles must be lifted | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

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