Tuesday, November 20, 2018

No to Nationalistic Nonsense

 Borders are imaginary lines but they have very real consequences and implications. These lines divide nations and block the movement of people in the name of security and sovereignty. While global accumulation of capital and resources is promoted, people who are forced to migrate are portrayed as “freeloaders.”  The Socialist Party doesn’t believe in borders and hopes to abolish them. Unlike capitalism, we challenge nationalism and we intend to bring together communities worldwide. Socialist solidarity and awareness transcend borders and bring us closer to our goal, which is the end of capitalism. It’s time for us to abolish its borders and focus on people.

The working class is a class of migrants and has been throughout capitalist history. Let’s not fall for “nationalist” nonsense or defence of any country. When capitalists call on us to “defend the nation” they are really calling on workers to sacrifice themselves in defence of their property. “Workers have no country” Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto.

Whatever other differences we have, we are united as a class by the fact that we are all the exploited victims of capitalism. This makes the working class the global and internationalist class. It is the only force capable of putting an end to poverty and scarcity and the infernal cycle of economic crises and war. Today it’s not so much that we have a world to win – we have a world to save from a system which offers only social and environmental devastation.

The Socialist Party, basing its principles on the fact that workers the world over have a common interest, is opposed to all racialism and to all nationalism. We are opposed to all legislation to prevent the free movement of workers, whether in search of jobs or fleeing from oppression. A socialist party must oppose nationalism in all its forms and refuse to compromise with it in any way. The Socialist Party always make clear that the workers have no country and that socialism can only exist on a world scale.

Nationalism is a ruling class outlook that preaches to the people of a nation or national group that regardless of class they have more in common with one another than they do with the people of other countries. Nationalism helps bind the working class to their rulers.
We say that working people’s destiny must not be tied to the bosses nor to an aspiring capitalist class of an oppressed nation. We say that the world’s working class must determine its own destiny. The working class must rid itself of the ideas of its class enemy. The Socialist Party does not fan the flames of patriotism or nationalism that further divisions between the worker. Rather we promote working class internationalism and unity. The Socialist Party repudiates nationalism as an ideology that divides mankind into separate nations.

In the Communist Manifesto, the workers of all countries were called upon to unite. Generally speaking, however, our fellow-workers, in actual fact, still remain completely separated in national territories, and have little or no contact whatever with one another. Within national borders the minds of men and women are so worked upon by the school, the media, and all the other resources of the State, that they are imbued with the propaganda of with national chauvinism. There are people, who even call themselves revolutionaries who consider that the which is called a nation is something quite natural, sacred, and worthy of preservation. What has happened? We have got “left nationalism.” We have the spectacle of openly capitalist governments being applauded by people who call themselves ”socialist.” Strange “socialists”, indeed.
 We got division among workers, growing farther away from the international needs of the working class. We have, instead, nationalistic symbols taking over. We don’t care where a man or woman was born, as long as he and she fights alongside us for socialism.

World socialism will co-ordinate in a harmonious fashion the sum total of human activities yet also protect the peculiarities and customs of each section of the population and it is an aim worth struggling for. But the Socialist Party also maintains that means and ends are indissolubly linked. A world socialist community can only be achieved by a majority of conscious socialists capturing political power in order to reorganise society on a basis of common ownership and democratic control. The Socialist Party suggests that by the time the workers in the UK or anywhere else are turning to Socialism and preparing to take power they will be doing the same in every other advanced industrial country. World socialism will be the outcome of a world socialist revolution. The problems that spring up from ethnic, cultural or national differences, and we know experience proves it – that the class struggle will break through these barriers and borders. Small steps, some might say. But the small steps will turn to big steps and then into giant strides.


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Don't think you need to swear, makes it look like an angry Class War Mr Bone post

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That it was done twice shows it was no slip but placed there for emphasis.