Monday, March 06, 2017

Dream on, Modi

The Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly election is a precursor for the Indian general election in 2019. Wwith 403 legislators and 80 parliamentarians, Uttar Pradesh is a key battleground in Indian politics. 

Of the 535 candidates who are participating in the final phase of the election, 528 have been analysed and there are 132 who are considered to be rupee multi-mllionaires and 115 who currently have criminal cases against them. 

Those who are considered rich are referred to as “crorepatis”, which is someone who has a net-worth of more than 10 million Rupees (£120,000). 
A total of 95 of the 115 who are currently being investigated for criminal offences face serious charges, including murder, attempted murder, and sexual assault. Six candidates face charges of harassment of women and five have apparently admitted there are cases of kidnapping against them. 
As always the campaign promises come easy to the lips of the politicians.Modi addressed a rally in Varansi and Gadwaghat Ashram.
" We have a dream that by 2022, which is the 75th anniversary of our independence, every family would have its own house,” he said,  “We also have a dream to double farm income by 2022.”
In the meantime, the nightmare of capitalism continues.
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