Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Man Who Fell to Earth

"It's not politicians who will end oppression. It's the radicals, with the stink in their clothes, rebellion in their brain, hope in their heart and direct action in their fists." ~ David Bowie

He said that Hitler was the first pop star which was more about the theatricality of the Nazis than their political agenda. Bowie's cocaine-fueled Nazi obsession, however, was short-lived, and he himself later claimed on many occasions how misguided and delusional he was at the time.


Jami D said...

Could I get a time and date of when he said this, some people have a stick up their ass

ajohnstone said...

The quote may indeed be a false one for i have googled it and no found no trace. It was placed on a comment from here

Our apologies are in order ...i'll let the quote stand for the time being for further investigation

The Hitler quote is well known

Unknown said...

any context to the first quote. as much as i believe it to be his ethos and want it to be true i can't find any other solid links to it either

Mark E said...

It seems to be based on a quote from a book review in the Industrial Worker, 8 May 1913. p.3. online here https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/industrialworker/
"It is the obscure Bill Jones on the firing line, with stink in his clothes, rebellion in his brain, hope in his heart, determination in his eyes and direct action in his gnarled fist". Of course it is possible that obscure Bill Jones is related to the not so obscure David Jones, but I doubt it.

ajohnstone said...

Many thanks for your diligent research, Mark. It is such a good descriptive quote, be a shame not to let it remain and hope visitors read these comments upon its inaccuracy regards Bowie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you also. I too was trying to find out if Bowie had expressed such sentiments.