Tuesday, January 26, 2016



A young Muslim boy who mistakenly wrote ‘terrorist’
instead of ‘terraced’ at school to describe his house had
himself and his family interviewed at home by the Police.

School terrorists financed by drugs,
Call in the police today;
Root out the young Bin Laden thugs,
In Infants Class One A.

Search in their lunch packs, coz they’re fly,
Watch them at every step;
Especially when they’re in R.I., (1)
And marching into Prep.

Then put the boot in as they plead,
Frisk them for any fags;
And whilst you’re at it check for weed,
In any of their bags.

Some in the Staff-Room may demur,
Strip-search them in the Gym;
Look out for a female Ben-Hur,
As well as a Bin-Him!

So be assured where’er you are
The cops are on the case;
If your kids read The Morning Star(2)
Expect fuzz in your face!

(1) Religious Instruction classes.

(2) Dangerous underground paper read by Britain’s
revolutionary avant-garde and intelligensia.

© Richard Layton    

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