Tuesday, April 15, 2014


(Mad about the M.O.D.)

(7/4/2014. The British army will seriously
consider close-combat roles for women.)

Rejoice! all gentle Feminists,
And soon enjoy the thrill;
Of having full equality--
The right to fight and kill!

The right to march repeatedly,
Across the barrack square;
Whilst Sergeant Major-ette barks forth,
Obscenities out there.

The right to polish hobnail boots,
And whitewash army coal;
As indispensable parts of,
The training for this role.

The right to look like brutish men,
Whilst dressed in camouflage;
The right to be last in the yomp, (1)
And dressed down by the Sarge.

The right to keep the enemy,
Of either sex at bay;
With rifles and fixed bayonets,
Has really made the day!

The right upon the Killing Fields,
To fill up empty graves;
Now all we want’s the right to be,
Dead equal as wage-slaves!

(1) A army march with heavy
equipment over difficult terrain.

© Richard Layton 

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