Friday, June 11, 2010

The rich protesters

Australian billionaires take to the streets for tax protest according to the Independent , speeches were delivered from the back of a flat-bed truck by two billionaires, including Australia's richest woman.Gina Rinehart's pearls glistened in the sunlight as she bellowed through a megaphone: "Axe the tax!" Ms Rinehart has a personal fortune of $4.8bn (£2.7bn).

Mr Forrest is the country's fourth richest person, worth an estimated $4.2bn,told the crowd that Australia was "turning Communist" [we wish].

Like other mining magnates, they have grown fabulously rich during a resources boom based largely on China's insatiable demand for the coal, iron, nickel and other minerals that lie in abundance beneath Australia. Kevin Rudd's Labour government is planning to levy an extra tax on the mining industry, and the industry is furious.

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