Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Guns Rule

Unscathed by the economic downturn global military expenditures soared to a record high last year, , with the United States accounting for more than half of increase , the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in its report.

In 2009, 1,531 billion dollars (1,244 billion euros) were spent worldwide in the military sector, a 5.9 percent rise from 2008 and whilst deficits ballooned in many countries, the world spent almost 50% more on arms and military operations than they did in 2000. British-based BAE Systems was the world's largest arms group in 2008. There were 17 major armed conflicts in 2009, one more than in 2008.

Money Spent:-
  • USA $661bn
  • China $100bn (Sipri estimate)
  • France $64bn
  • UK $58bn
  • Russia $53bn
  • Japan $52bn
  • Germany $46bn
  • Saudi Arabia $41bn
  • India $36bn
  • Italy $36b

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