Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sheer complacency

Sir Mick Davis, one of British Jewry’s most senior and respected figures, a former chair of the Jewish Leadership Council who also chaired then Prime Minister David Cameron’s Holocaust Memorial Commission, accused Israel and others of showing “sheer complacency” in letting the situation in Gaza get so desperate, asking: 
“What of empathy for the innocents among the dead? Has that become a taboo?...Has it become taboo among Israel’s friends to ask what this stagnant situation, and what the absence of even a language of peace, let alone a vision of it, is doing to our own morality and the moral well-being of our youth?...What will we become if we are constantly asking Israel’s advocates to adopt positions so far removed from the reality the world can see?” 

This week more than 750 British Jews signed an open letter criticising the Board of Deputies for its one-sided statement on the border killings, failing to criticise or even question Israel’s use of live fire on unarmed protesters.

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Tim Hart said...

I assume that Sir Mick Davis received his knighthood for his services to humbuggery. I doubt that there is anything that can shock him out of his complacency for continuing to be a complete buffoon. If he pops over to Gaza and apologises for the Israeli military’s lack of empathy and the bias media reporting to the mother whose 8 month old baby was gassed to death, or the double amputee shot dead by a sniper’s bullet, one can only hope that the feedback he receives might jolt him into becoming a better human being.