Tuesday, May 15, 2018

THE ROYAL WEDDING! (weekly poem)

“A little touch of Harry in the night”
(Henry V (1599) act 4, chorus, 1.1—W. Shakespeare)

The Royal Wedding’s, Saturday,
Gor Blimey, what a cringing thrill!
The Media in its array,
Has punished us with overkill.

Whilst many will resort to cheers,
To show the fervid state they're in;
Some folk will be reduced to tears,
And dribbling down their double-chin.

Old ladies will have 'accidents',
Old soldiers will 'stand to', erect;
Republicans at such events,
Would do well to be circumspect.

The nuptials joining 'Arry Boy,
To Hollywood’s, 'Stylistic' Meg; (1)
Will for the dipsticks never cloy,
And many of the plebs will beg,

For more events with pomp and style,
For which the Nobs may well provide;
To keep the dumbest rank and file,
And all the great unwashed, 'on-side'.

There's nothing like a Royal 'do',
To keep such simpletons beguiled;
As each one in this motley crew,
Behaves exactly like a child!

The whole damn ghastly spectacle,
Makes one despair of common sense;
Are folks lives so forgettable,
That fairy-tales will recompense?

If so, then they need to take stock,
And act like they are fully-grown;
Cease being sheep inside the flock,
And live with a mind of their own.

(1) Women's magazines, in particular, have drooled over Meghan the
actress in a variety of couturier creations—just as they did with Diane.

© Richard Layton

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