Tuesday, May 29, 2018

FOR ‘RED KEN’ READ ‘READ KEYNES’! (weekly poem)

Ken Livingstone has left the Labour Party before he was expelled.
He was accused of anti-Semitism but claims it was anti-Zionism.

Red Ken has left the Left bereft,
The Revolution has been stayed;
His resignation was quite deft, (1)
The New Jerusalem's been betrayed.

His 'Fares Fair' Scheme was doctrinaire,
And finally it faced the axe;
Instead of paying the full fare,
One paid the balance with one's tax! (2)

Such 'Socialism' was unique,
Although it wasn't free access;
But some beak had the bloody cheek,
To rule it was a legal mess. (3)

With 'Marxist' ideas such as these,
No wonder the poor GLC;
Was brought down swiftly to its knees,
By Thatcher's H. of P. decree.

Is Ken the sacrificial lamb,
For being nasty to the Jews?
He now states, “I am that I am”, (4)
And says he's got gornisht to lose! (5)

For 'Red Ken' one should read, “Read Keynes”,
He thought the system could be bucked;
So that we all could lose our chains,
But like his ideas he's now F_ _ _ _ D!

(1) He resigned before being almost certainly pushed.
(2) The shortfall on fares revenue was made up by increasing London's rates.
(3) The High Court ruled the scheme was unlawful.
(4) The name Yahweh (Jehovah) the Abrahamic deity, is said to mean, “I am that I am”.
(5) 'Gornisht'-Yiddish for 'Nothing'.

© Richard Layton

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