Thursday, May 10, 2018

Saving Lives is Easy

Some 480,000 children under five die each year of diarrhoea, more than half of these directly linked to poor water, sanitation and hygiene.
And 880,000 children under five die each year of pneumonia – which also has links to dirty water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene.
Far too many children are deprived of these, affecting their health, education and life chances.
The greatest tragedy of all is that we know how to address this - .deliver clean water and hygenic sanitation to everyone. Ensuring 100% coverage with water, sanitation and hygiene, rotavirus vaccination and nutritional interventions such as breastfeeding promotion and zinc supplements could potentially reduce illness by nearly two thirds (63%) and almost halve the number of child deaths (49%) from diarrhoea and pneumonia. None of this requires new technology or invention.

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Tim Hart said...

There are a 1001 ways of nailing the lie that the priority of Western Governments, in providing aid to poor countries, is about humanitarianism. The reality is that it is about extending their imperial reach and creating new markets for the corporations which they serve. But there is no need to conjure up 1001 ways to defeat such disingenuous humanitarian claims. This one dismal wretched statistic of the needless deaths of children is sufficient.