Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Lib Dem Leader, Tim Farron, resigned on the 14/06/2017
as he felt it impossible to lead “a progressive, liberal party”
(sic!) whilst holding “faithfully to the Bible's teaching”.

Page fourteen of The Guardian's,
Revealed the headline news,
Tim Farron's quit because of his,
Illiberal Christian views! (1)
(Unlike Charles Kennedy who quit,
Whilst legless from the booze!)

Who'll be the Lib Dem leader now,
And step into his shoes?
As Tim's prevarication led,
To media reviews,
That questioned his support of old,
Intolerant taboos.

Exasperation on both sides,
Lit a potential fuse,
The Lib Dem hierarchy had,
A man they couldn't use;
A Bible-bashing puritan,
They simply had to lose!

So it was time for Tiny Tim,
To say his last adieus,
Though some say Paddick's exit was, (2)
An inner circle ruse,
To force Tim’s hand for saying things,
That they could not excuse.

And though he had his Christian faith,
Which guru would Tim choose?
Lord Jesus or Lord Palmerston? (3)
The hustings or the pews?
It seems he won't be rapping now,
To dem ole Lib Dem blues!

(1) This doesn't say much for the Lib Dems or Christianity!

(2) 14/6/2017. Brian Paddick, the Lib Dem Home Affairs
spokesman resigned citing Tim Farron's views on 'certain
issues' which then led to the Lib Dem leader's resignation.

(3) Lord Palmerston, first Liberal Party leader,1859--1865.

© Richard Layton

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