Tuesday, June 13, 2017


(But not as we know it!)

It's “Strong and Stable Government”,
But not quite as before;
As Mrs May reflects upon,
Her poor election score.
There's nothing like “Strong Leadership”,
To pander to the throng;
But many leaders are inclined,
To get their guesswork wrong!

The Tories for the next five years,
Are stuck with Mrs May;
But rumours have already spread,
That she'll be on her way.
Perhaps next year or sooner still,
She'll be dumped by her peers;
Another 'Iron Lady' gone,
In floods of rusty tears?! (1)

The Tories are bad losers and,
Will shaft all who transgress;
As loyalty's not in their genes,
And neither is finesse!
Both Mrs May's advisors have,
Now fallen on their sword;
Described as useless now, where once,
Both whizz-kids were adored! (2)

Will Amber lead the Brexit talks, (3)
With Bojo at her side;
So that the EU diplomats,
Run screaming off to hide?
The ‘New Jerusalem’ to come,
Will never quite arrive;
But our ‘Great Leaders' will, no doubt,
Keep promising to strive!

(1) Readers will recall Mrs Thatcher's tearful
departure on 22/11/1990 after a Cabinet coup.

(2) Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill were described by
some disgruntled Tories as forming a cabal with
Mrs May that superseded Cabinet Government.

(3) Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, is thought by some
to be the favourite to replace Mrs May, although another
election could see her tiny majority of 346 wiped out.

© Richard Layton

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