Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pay rise for the Queen

The SOYMB blog notes that there is no public servant  1% cap on pay increases when it comes to the queen.

The Queen is to receive an 8% increase in her income, up more than £6m.

The Royal Family stand for the possessions, rights, and privileges of the British ruling class. The Socialist Party is, of course, anti-monarchist and opposed to everything the monarchy represents, from aristocratic privilege, bowing and scraping, silly titles and ceremonies to being little more than commercial travellers (as Price Andrew regularly proves to be, a salesman for Britain PLC) and the symbol and head of the British capitalist state. It goes without saying that, if it hadn’t already disappeared by then, one of the first acts of a socialist majority in control of political power would be to abolish the monarchy as part of the democratisation of society. Meanwhile, capitalism grinds merrily on, providing a fat living for a few of its people and condemning the rest to dull poverty.

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