Tuesday, June 27, 2017


(A fantasy to be included in next year’s Queen's Speech!)

The Democratic Unionist Party are the anti-gay rights, anti-
abortion party of climate change deniers who PM Theresa
May needs to shore up her government at a cost of £1.5bn.

To “Save Ulster from Sodomy”, (1)
And the sins of the few;
The DUP, with Tory help,
Might ask for a review,

Of Gay Right's legislation in,
Their Northern Ireland realm; (2)
So it's revoked forever more,
Whilst they both share the helm.

The ghost of Ian Paisley roars,
And rumbles from the grave;
Against those knavish, Popish plots,
To bugger and deprave,

As it's well-known the Vatican,
Are pro-gay people's rights;
And have the straight Six Counties folk,
In their conversion sights!

The DUP has fought this plot,
And all its eejits swear;
It's making Protestants “choose sin”,
To lose their power-share.

Their view on sodomy is strange,
As they, with Mrs May;
Will go on shafting working folk,
Bisexual, straight or gay!

(1) Political campaign launched by DUP founder
and first leader, the Rev. Ian Paisley in 1977.

(2) Homosexual acts were decriminalised in
N. Ireland following a case against the UK
in the European Court of Human Rights 1982.

© Richard Layton

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