Monday, September 07, 2015

Capitalism or Real Socialism


Bandit Keith said...

It never turns out that way lmao, socialism is just the same old bullshit with a new name you still have two classes the workers and the bosses which are the government this time and not free market capitalists. That is how Fidel Castro becomes the richest man in Cuba because socialism is fucking bullshit and is only a fairy tale theory that can never work in real life.

ajohnstone said...

Perhaps you should make time to see what real socialism which we propose is. Government ownership and a state bureaucracy which skims off the cream of the workers labour is not what we advocate. This Party has been critical of the so-called "communists" since Fidel and Che took power and our criticism goes as far back as 1917 when Lenin and Trotsky took power.

Saying that, we have not adopted a position that somehow the American free enterprise or the European welfare state-systems are any better. These too have never worked as promised in real life and are equally a fairy-tale.