Tuesday, September 08, 2015


(The Site of The Second Coming!)

The Party has an annual stall at the Rally.
Jeremy Corbyn visited this year on the 6/9/2015
and received a hero’s reception from the crowd.

J.C. walked on the water at,
The Burston Rally site;
And urged his new disciples to,
Go forth and fight the fight!
The war against the wicked cuts,
Made by that godless band;
The heathen Tories who had spoilt,
This green and pleasant land.

He then fed the Five-Thousand souls,
A fishy tale as bait;
How the New ‘Clause Four’ Testament,
Would consecrate the State.
The crowd cheered on and cheered some more,
The brass band’s trumpets blew;
As J. C. breached the walls against,
Old Satan’s Tory crew!

Us workers -- we should all be proud,
“Bah heck” and “Eeh by Gum”;
That J.C. and his entourage,
Have thrown us all a crumb.
One cloth cap tried to flog to us,
The Weekend ‘Morning Star’;
But we declined politely as,
That was a bridge too far!

And then J.C. went walkabout,
The faithful touched his beard;
Which to us simple socialists,
Was just a trifle weird!
Us revolutionaries were left,
To our respective fates;
As unbelievers happily,
Outside his Pearly Gates!

© Richard Layton

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