Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corporations and Profits

How can the farmers who raise chickens for meat—the meat we eat the most—be barely making a living?

Because the four giant and wildly profitable corporations that dominate the poultry industry—Tyson, Perdue, Pilgrim’s and Sanderson Farms—have seen to it that chicken farmers own everything that costs money (the land, buildings and equipment) while the corporations own the one thing that makes money: the chickens.

Of course these corporations have lied, consistently, to farmers about the potential profitability of being "contract" farmers. Though as John Oliver points out in his video, as long as the corporations incorporate “jangly guitar music” into their propaganda videos, they can sell just about any lie, to any person.

Oliver exposes the factory farm chicken industry for what it is: greedy, and abusive—not only to the chickens, but to the farmers who, if they dare to complain, face retaliation.

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