Thursday, April 16, 2015

A video message from the Socialist Party

The Socialist Party believes in a society of cooperation, in helping each other, not exploiting our neighbours, where power is shared, a world cooperative society where wealth is produced and owned in common and freely shared according to need. A truly democratic society where decisions are made for the common good.
When an idea has the support of the majority of the population, nothing can stop it. To send a signal that you want this, vote for the Socialist Party candidate, and join us, not to mend the current system but to build a movement strong enough to end it.


Mike Ballard said...

Agreed. But I think you should link wealth distribution to time in the lead up to social ownership. That would demystify wealth production and result in a greater understanding amongst the citizens you're trying to reach.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Foster's 30-second pitch is excellent. There is more value in that half-a-minute than all the hours the mainstream parties have on telly and radio. Thank you comrade for your valued contribution!