Saturday, December 02, 2023

Employment is prostitution!

Landmark UN Report Calls for Sex Work Decriminalization.   End Criminalization, Protect Women’s Rights.

The 'rights' they invoke are really modern-day mental chains. The 'right to work' is a demand to be employed and employment is servile, exploitative and a denial of workers’ needs according to ability.

Marx saw sex work as ’only a specific expression of the general prostitution of the labourer’ (Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, 1844).   Engels showed that the suppression of women had its origin in the rise of private property.     Rosa Luxemburg and Sylvia Pankhurst shared the socialist vision of Engels and Marx: ‘The mass of the proletariat must do more than stake out clearly the aims and direction of the revolution. It must also personally, by its own activity, bring socialism step by step into life’ (Rosa Luxemburg, What Does the Spartacus League Want? 1918). ‘Our aim is Communism. Communism is not an affair of party. It is a theory of life and social organisation. It is a life in which property is held in common; in which the community produces, by conscious aim, sufficient to supply the needs of all its members; in which there is no trading, money, wages, or any direct reward for services rendered’ (Sylvia Pankhurst, What is behind the label? A plea for clearness, 1923).

Prostitution along with human trafficking, female genital mutilation, misogyny, virginity tests, being taught that menstruation is unclean, circumcision for non-medical reasons, caste/class, homophobia, marriage to children, as well as blasphemy as a crime, non-evidence based medicine & cock and dog fighting - all of them should be thrown in the dustbin of history! 

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