Monday, January 22, 2018

Meet The Socialists

West London Branch

Tuesday, 23 January - 8:00pm

Committee Room, 
Chiswick Town Hall, 
Heathfield Terrace
London W4 4JN

South London Branch

Saturday, 27 January - 2:30pm

Head Office
52 Clapham High Street,
London SW4 7UN 

The Socialist Party knows that it is difficult for the workers to recognise their slave status because wage-slavery is cloaked with many disguises. And because the capitalist class or the capitalist state owns the media of propaganda, it is indeed difficult to air the truth. This is why fellow-workers usually believe that they live in a free society. If our fellow-worker would but peep beneath the cloak of superficialities they would glimpse the real nature of society. They would see that the only sound future for them is to join a movement, the World Socialist Movement, and work to overthrow the system that keeps you in poverty and to introduce a sane system — Socialism.


Janet Surman said...

Thought I should draw your attention to what is probably a glitch on the site - for several days now the first post is partly obliterated by a big black V. Hope it's not too much of a problem for you.

Matthew Culbert said...

Thanks Janet.I hope this it is resolved.

Janet Surman said...

Perfect, thanks!