Sunday, September 23, 2012

Third choice is no choice

Some American voters will not be fooled by the two-horse race presidential race for the White House and will opt for another candidate. The ex-two term governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party is one such possible alternative. Johnson has been appearing at pro-pot rallies, saying he inhaled and liked it. He’s for legalizing, regulating and taxing pot, a receptive message for recreational smokers and medical marijuana users. He visited Occupy Wall St and courted the protesters.  However he is a right wing free-market libertarian—in agreement with Ron Paul on many issues, and not far from many of Romney's positions.

He wants to cut the biggest federal health programs; Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor by 43 percent, as part of a $1.7 trillion in cuts. He wants to end George W. Bush’s prescription drug subsidy for seniors. Johnson wants to raise the retirement age when you can start getting Social Security. He wants to replace Social Security benefits with personal accounts, which is letting Wall Street gamble with one’s retirement savings. And he would means-test all federal Social Security recipients, so only the neediest get federal help. He would cut the federal deficit by drastically cutting safety net entitlements.

 He would end corporate income taxes, federal income taxes, capital gains taxes, and seek to reduce state income taxes. Instead, he would impose a 23 percent national sales tax—and abolish the IRS, along with the federal Education and Housing and Urban Development departments. He’d end government-subsized student loans. 

His economic stances would be a boon to the wealthy. He works for the 1%.

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