Saturday, May 15, 2010

capitalist circuses

Tens of millions of dollars have been diverted in India from schemes to fight poverty and used to fund Delhi's Commonwealth Games, the Housing and Land Rights Network pressure group says in its report based on official documents obtained under India's right to information act.

The report's author, Miloon Kothari, a former UN human rights rapporteur, told the BBC that the evidence was clear that tens of millions of dollars have been diverted from funds which are supposed to help raise underprivileged low caste communities out of poverty.

In addition, more than 100,000 poor families have already been evicted due to projects connected with the Games, and up to 40,000 families are likely to be displaced before the Games begin in October. To portray Delhi as a world-class city and an international sports destination, had led the government to lose sight of its legal and moral commitments to its people.

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