Friday, June 21, 2019

Which countries takes in the most refugees?

  1. Turkey: 3.7 million, up from 3.5 million a year earlier, with 98% of the refugee population arriving from Syria. There are some 39,000 refugees from Iraq, as well as smaller numbers from Iran and Afghanistan. For the fourth consecutive year, Turkey hosted the largest number of refugees worldwide.
  2. Pakistan: 1.4 million, similar to last year. The refugee populations is almost exclusively from Afghanistan.
  3. Uganda: 1,165,700, a decline from 1,350,500 in 2017. The country hosts some 789,000 refugees from South Sudan, as well as populations from Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia and Rwanda.
  4. Sudan: over 1 million, growing 19% from 2017 with refugee arrivals from South Sudan, Eritrea, Syria, Central African Republic and Ethiopia.
  5. Germany: 1,063,800, an increase from last year. More than half the refugees were from Syria, and countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Serbia and Kosovo, Russia, Pakistan and Nigeria.
  6. Iran: 979,400, remaining unchanged from 2017, with the vast majority from Afghanistan.
  7. Lebanon: 949,700, declining slightly from 998,900 a year earlier, with most individuals from Syria and some 4,500 from Iraq.
  8. Bangladesh: 906,600, down from 932,200 in 2017, almost entirely refugees from Myanmar.
  9. Ethiopia: 903,200, an increase from a year earlier, with nearly half coming from South Sudan, as well as significant numbers from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.
  10. Jordan: 715,300 people, up from 691,000 in 2017, with the vast majority coming from Syria and 34,600 from Iraq.
The United States takes in just a tiny fraction of the world's refugees, but it maintains one of the strictest, most rigorous vetting process - and the rules have gotten much stricter in recent years.

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