Saturday, May 18, 2019

What we say about Brexit

The opening statement of our election agent, Adam Buick, at the Chesham EU hustings.

“The way people are going on about it you would think Brexit was the only issue. But what about global warming, wars and the threat of war, mass population movements and, nearer home, growing inequalities, unaffordable housing and a crumbling heath service? These problems arise from the capitalist system of ownership by the few and production for profit. Capitalism exists in the EU and would still exist in a Brexit Britain. So, as far as most people are concerned, it doesn’t matter either way [heckled]. In or Out, the same problems are going to continue. The way-out is not some change — or not — in Britain’s trading arrangements but in replacing capitalism with common ownership, democratic control and production to satisfy people’s needs not profit.” 

Our candidates for the South East England region are:
Mandy Bruce, 
Ray Carr, 
Dave Chesham, 
Rob Cox, 
Mike Foster, 
Stephen Harper, 
Neil Kirk, 
Anton Pruden, 
Andy Thomas, 
Darren Williams.

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ajohnstone said...

Last night’s Oxford hustings went well enough. There were perhaps a hundred people there, along with most of the candidates (still no sign of the Brexit Party). As always, there was equal time given to each to say their piece, albeit with a crackling microphone. Our candidate, Mike Foster, used the same opening statement as at the Banbury hustings, and the questions followed similar themes to there, such as about the environment and how young people can get more politically engaged. It seemed to get a good enough reaction, and no noticeable heckling!