Saturday, May 04, 2019

Southampton May Day for People & Planet

Monday, May 6, 
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
The Bandstand, 
Palmerston Park,  
(between Pound Tree, Palmerston and New Roads, and above Bar St).
The Socialist Party will have a stall at this May Day event

May Day has symbolised the common struggles of workers around the globe and over the years the Labour Party turned May Day to the purposes of State propaganda but they have now shed any trappings of socialism. The Communist Party regimes that shamefully paraded their military wares on the workers day have gone. Once more May Day now signifies the struggle for a future beyond capitalism rather than just a homage to the failed struggles of the past.

Activists have reclaimed what May Day should mean. It is an expression of the consciousness of the working class. May Day rallies in recent years reflect the growing anger all around the world against a capitalist class that is striving to force working people of the entire world to pay for the economic, social and environmental crises it has created. In their efforts to keep working people divided and weaken resistance to their attacks, the capitalists are using their  media and political parties to fuel racism,  to vilify the poor and to scapegoat immigrants.

But the momentum towards change and the creation of a system that puts the needs of people and the planet before profit cannot be stopped. May Day is when the workers show their loyalty to themselves, to their own interest, to their own class.

Meanwhile, May Day reminds us that the oppressive capitalist system is to be followed by socialism.

On this day the Socialist Party's literature stall represents the liberating ideas of the struggle for socialism.

For international working class solidarity!

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