Wednesday, February 14, 2018

End the mental oppression

Poverty in Wales must be tackled urgently if the high number of suicides in deprived areas is to be lowered, according to Samaritans Cymru. It said suicide rates were up to three times higher in deprived neighbourhoods compared with affluent areas. Almost a quarter of the Welsh population - some 23% - live in poverty.
The charity's research found that as deprivation increases, so does suicidal behaviour. It also found hospital admissions following self-harm was twice as high in deprived areas compared with the most affluent, while suicide risk increased with unemployment.
"There is now overwhelming evidence of a strong connection between socioeconomic deprivation and suicidal behaviour in Wales," said Sarah Stone, the charity's executive director for Wales. "Suicide is not inevitable; there are actions we can take so that difficult times do not result in people dying."
The charity said each year between 300 and 350 people died by suicide in Wales, which is around three times the number killed in road accidents. It is the most common cause of death for men aged 20 to 49 and the leading cause of death of people under 25.
It called for better public information to help reduce unmanageable debt, better support for those bereaved by suicide and investment in community groups to tackle loneliness and isolation.

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The Socialist Party is the party of the workers, organised to express in political terms their determination to break their chains and rise to the dignity of free men and women. The Socialist Party stands squarely upon its socialist principles and relies wholly upon the education of the working class. The workers themselves must take the initiative in uniting their forces for effective political action; leaders will never do it for them. They must no longer suffer themselves to be deceived by the specious arguments of their betrayers. The workers must unite and develop their political power to conquer and abolish the capitalist political state and clear the way for industrial and social democracy.

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Tim Hart said...

The Samaritans' suggestions of helping the poor to socialise and providing them with debt counselling are deplorably feeble responses to disgracefully high suicide and poverty levels in Wales. Why are there any people living in poverty in the UK when it is the 6th richest nation on the planet? A few tens of billions of pounds would end poverty. In fact it would probably cost the government less to end poverty that it costs to pay for it. A report by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2016 estimated that poverty costs the UK tax payer £78 billion a year, through such things as increased health care costs, policing and criminal justice, lost tax revenues and payment of benefits. So why doesn’t the government simply use this money to end poverty? Because then the capitalist system wouldn’t be able to function. Poverty and debt are essential components of capitalism. Without the subjugation and fear that poverty creates people would demand a better lot for themselves. Debt is the oxygen of capitalism. Without it capitalism would suffocate. Debt stimulates demand for products and services and thus keeps the whole merry go round of profit and capitalism going. No, it is not tea and sympathy that the poor need. It is to rid themselves of the iniquitous capitalist system which makes life unbearable for them. Socialism has no need for debt and no conception of the term poverty and thus provides a fundamental and sustainable alternative to capitalism, rather than offering mere palliatives.