Tuesday, February 20, 2018


(A casein point to be caerphilly read)

Recent DNA tests have shown that some of the earliest
Britons were dark-skinned, blue-eyed and curly-haired.

Oh woe to racists everywhere,
There’s a gruyèresome smell;
That’s not just a brie(f) quandary,
In UKIP and the BNP,
But in the EDL.

Gorged on the news of their big cheese,
The Brown-skinned Cheddar Man;
His heirs are saying, “Whites go home,
Take your mutated Chromosome, (1)
And leave soon as you can”!

“Old Albion, a Rasta land,
Belongs to us, the Browns;
So White punk go and pack your trunk,
Take your crap Rap and Badger Skunk,
And leave our ghetto towns”.

“We know that all you Honkies won't,
Like our sarcastic jibe;
But catch the first banana-boat,
The 'SS Windrush' is afloat, (2)
To sail home to your tribe”.

“You come here pinching all our jobs,
And our dole money too;
Caucasians are a lower race,
Who shouldn't dare to show their face,
And should be in the Zoo”.

“So all you Whiteys, go back home,
And leave our precious land;
Get back to all your jungle huts,
Your palm-leaves and your coconuts--
Don't come back 'til you're tanned”! 

(1) A defective Chromosome may have given some brown
humans a fairer skin giving them an evolutionary advantage
to absorb Vitamin D from the weaker sunlight outside Africa.

(2) The ‘SS Windrush’ sailed from the West Indies to Britain in
1948 carrying one of the first large contingents of immigrants.

© Richard Layton

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